NEWERAFIT™ Band and Bar set

NEWERAFIT™ Band and Bar set

NEWERAFIT™ Band and Bar set

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Lightweight and Portable: Perfect for travel or simply to take with you on the go. The lightest band and bar set on the market.

100+ Possible Workouts: From bench press & seated rows to deadlifts, Band & Bar Set allows you to get results at home or on the go! Additional accessories sets can be purchased to provide more workouts.

Adjustable Resistance: Perfect for any strength level. Purchase additional bands for even more variety.

Builds Muscle And Strength: We have the strongest resistance bands on the market. It's been scientifically proven that resistance bands can build muscle & strength as effectively as weights.

Why Is NEWERAFIT More Powerful Than Weights?

You are cutting your gains short. Static weights overload the joints and underload the muscle.

Your body is 7 times stronger at full extension in the impact-ready positions than in the joint-compromised starting positions.

NEWERAFIT provides greatly varied resistance through each movement, enabling you to recruit more muscle, produce higher HGH levels, and drive Greater Gains.

  • More Resistance Where Your Body is Stronger
  • Less Risk of Injury Than Traditional Weights
  • Easier On the Joints, Harder on the Muscle
  • Complete Muscle Fatigue for Greater Gains

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does my height matter?

No. Our New Era Fit is an all-in-one portable gym made for men and women of all shapes and sizes. However, if you do struggle for whatever reason, email our team and we’ll see how to best assist, and ensure you get the most effective workout possible.

How can I tell I’m progressing while using New Era Fit?

First, for every exercise, you’re going to start with the lowest band. That includes beginners and pro-lifters. Once you’re able to do 40 slow, controlled reps (2 to 3 seconds per rep), then you know you’ve hit your “max” for that band and can move up to the next band weight. 

Continue to progress with each band for each exercise and see your body change right before your eyes!

Is New Era Fit safe?

Yes! New Era Fit and the use of resistance training is extremely safe and is even praised for its ability to put less strain on joints while at the same time increasing overall muscle growth and improving bone density.


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